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Impress objects into air-drying clay to make a quick, stylish gift set

What you need...
  • Air-drying clay, white
  • Items to make impressions
  • Card: thin, white; pale blue; corrugated, white; thick, scrap
  • Embellishments: ribbon, raffia; dark blue; string; cabochons, pearl, dark blue
  • Rolling pin
  • Craft knife, sharp
  • Needle, thick
  • Adhesives: tape, double-sided; craft glue, strong
  1. Candle Holder - 1 Make another circular clay impression with a cabochon in the centre. Press it against a glass tumbler so the impression bends around the curved surface as it dries.

    2 Cut blue card, 2cm wide and long enough to fit around the middle of the tumbler. Tape in place, then fix raffia ribbon on top, followed by the clay embellishment.

  2. Wall Hanging - 1 Place air-drying clay on a clean cloth or a few sheets of white paper. Cut two strips of thick card. Lay the card strips either side of the clay, rest the ends of a rolling pin on them, then roll out the clay to an even thickness.

    2 Cut a card circle slightly larger than the diameter of your chosen embellishment. Place it on the clay and cut around the edge with a sharp knife. Remove the card and lay the embellishment in the centre of the clay. Press it down gradually to make a firm impression.

    3 Ease the embellishment away. If necessary, place the tip of a craft knife underneath and lift it carefully so the impression isn’t damaged. Use a thick needle to push a hole through the clay. Press a blue pearl cabochon into the middle and leave the clay to dry on a flat surface. Thread with blue ribbon to hang.

  3. Card - 1 Roll clay to an even thickness as described previously. Make two clay flowers and a bird impression, then press a cabochon in the centre of each flower. Use a sharp knife to cut neatly around them. Bend the petals upwards on one of the flowers. Leave to dry.

    2 Tape corrugated card onto the front of a blank, 11cm square. Trim blue card, 7cm square, and fix to the centre. Adhere raffia ribbon across the middle, then glue the clay embellishments in place, using our image as a guide. Tie blue ribbon into a bow and stick beside the clay impressions. Glue a string bow on top of the ribbon, then leave to dry and set before standing the finished card.

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