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Circus Tent Card Tutorial

Designer: Tracey Daykin Jones
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Create a fun, colourful circus tent card a recipient will adore

What you need...
  • Paper kit, My Mind's Eye, Find Your Wings and Fly
  • Card: white, red
  • Stickers, My Mind's Eye: Find Your Wings and Fly
  • Ribbon, light blue
  • Gems: red, gold
  • Brads, light blue
  • Eyelets, pink
  1. Measure 9.5cm up from the bottom of a blank, 13.5cm x 18cm, then draw a horizontal line across. Taper the upper half of the card from the marked edges to the top middle. Cover the triangular section with pink patterned paper, then cut and mount four thin to thick lines from red.

  2. Stick grey and white dot paper to the remaining card, leaving a 2cm gap at the bottom to add red patterned paper and light blue ribbon. Adhere a round sticker sentiment to the grey dot paper and put to one side.

  3. Trim zig zag paper to the same size as the bottom section, then cut in half and fold back each piece from the opposing corners. Punch a small hole in the same place on the folded sections and set with a light blue brad. Mount both to the front of the card, then attach a foam pad behind the brads.

  4. Cut four circles from red and snip in half. Fix along the bottom of the triangular section using foam pads. Embellish the top area with tiny red gems, then add three gold ones to the sticker to finish.

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