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What you need...
  • BEADS Glass, round, 5mm: red AB x 10; green x 10

  • FINDINGS Polymer clay: Fimo Soft, sahara, cognac, chocolate, white, black, cherry red, tropical green, pink, blue, lilac, magenta; Fimo Effects, translucent blue, Liquid polymer clay, Chalk pastel, rust coloured, Paint, acrylic: red; blue, Key ring blank, Charm bracelet, blank, silver-toned, Screw eye fittings, small, silver-toned, Jump rings, 6mm, silver-toned, Head pins, silver-toned

  • TOOLS Christmas bauble,round, medium, Cupcake case, silicone, mini, Scalpel, Cutter: scone, fluted,6cm; round, 3.5cm,5.5cm; blossom, 2cm, Pliers: flat-nosed; round-nosed, Side cutters, Brush: paint, fine; suede, Hobby drill, Beading needle, Epoxy resin, two-part, Glitter
  1. Condition a quarter of sahara clay until smooth. Roll into a flattened ball and press into a silicone cupcake case. Keep pushing in the clay with your fingers until you have a good shape. Trim the excess from the edges with a scalpel and place in the fridge to firm up.

  2. Position a medium-sized round bauble onto a jam jar. Condition a quarter of sahara clay and roll out to 2mm thick. Remove a circle with a scone cutter and position onto the bauble. Make small holes along the edge and lift it up with a cocktail stick. Form three evenly-sized balls of sahara clay, roll flat, then cut out three holly leaves. Position on top of the pie crust and decorate with three small sahara balls with slits between the leaves.

  3. Scrape some colour from a rust chalk pastel onto paper. Take the cupcake base out of the fridge and gently peel down the sides of the silicone case. Apply the chalk dust to the base with a paintbrush in areas of varying intensities, before replacing in the silicone case. Add some colour to the top of the pie.

  4. Pour a little liquid polymer clay onto tin foil and mix in some chalk colour. Apply the coloured liquid to the pie crust with a cocktail stick. Leave the pieces on their formers and bake for 20 minutes at 110°C. Leave to cool before removing from the bauble and silicone case.

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