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Lighten the load of your Yuletide crafting with these brilliant kits from Pixelhobby UK

What you need...
  • Pixelhobby UK Christmas Magnet and Keyring Kit, Snowglobe Baseplate Kit
  • Pixelhobby Bespoke Metal Tweezers
  1. Let's Get Started... - 1 Choose your design and the corresponding pattern sheet. Using the guide on the pattern sheet, select the correct coloured pixel squares as denoted by the number in the centre of each 140 pixel sheet. Each tile has a domed upper face and a small hole in the bottom.

    2 Take a plastic base plate with the pins facing up, then lay over the pattern sheet so the colours or symbols are visible. Alternatively, place the plate and sheet side by side. Choose a suitable point along one edge to start adding pixels and press out a handful of the soft 2mm tiles in the correct colour.

    3 Using a pair of tweezers, roll a tile so the domed side faces up. Take the tile and place it over a pin on the baseboard so it slips into the small hole. Press down lightly, adjusting the angle so it is parallel to the edges of the base plate.

    4 Add more tiles in the same way and check the positioning is correct before using the flat side of the tweezers to push them all down completely. If you are tiling one long side of the base plate, it’s worth pressing the edge against a flat surface to straighten them all before flattening the tiles completely.

  2. Christmas Scene Greetings - 1 Fill a clear plastic base plate with coloured pixel tiles using your chosen design from the Christmas Magnet and Keyring Kit. Flatten all the tiles and ensure the edges are straight. Press out the small square aperture from the middle of a card blank front, then concertina fold the tabs at the sides of the aperture.

    2 Place the mosaic face down on a flat surface and lay the larger square card over the back. Open the card and place the aperture face down over the mosaic. Glue the concertina folded tabs to the back of the card square and leave to dry. The mosaic should fit snugly in the recess, but you can secure it if needed.

  3. Keyrings - Make up each mini mosaic according to the pattern sheet and flatten all tiles to complete. Insert into the keyring case and thread the silver chain through to complete.

  4. Want to try it out yourself? - Pixelhobby UK is offering you an exclusive offer where you can get £111 worth of product for just £49.99! Order today and you’ll receive: 3 in 1 Baseplate Christmas Scenes, three dark blue frames, Bespoke Metal Tweezers, Pixelhobby UK Christmas Magnet and Keyring Boxed Set, five bespoke cards and envelopes, and a Pixelhobby UK tote bag. Call 01278 429804 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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