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Carve a masterpiece with these beautiful wooden egg-shaped home decs.

What you need...
  • Paint, emulsion, various shades
  • Sponge, small pieces
  • Dremel 300
  • Carving tips (9905), at least six
  • Eggs, wooden, small, 3cm, large 6cm
  • Ribbon, various colours
  • Adhesives
  1. Thin the paint by adding some water. Using a sponge, cover the base of the egg with paint. Push a cocktail stick into the egg's base and place in the
    polystyrene block to dry. Once dry, and holding the egg in place on the stick, sponge the rest so that the surface is evenly covered. Leave to dry and repeat the process. To save time, start on another egg whilst the first is drying, and have several on the go at once.

  2. Use a pencil to lightly draw a rough design over the egg; geometric and symmetrical designs tend to work best. Mistakes can be gently rubbed away with a damp cloth, however, be careful not to take the paint off! Practise using the Dremel tool on a scrap piece of wood until you become more confident and are happy with the results.

  3. Start around the centre and carve out two parallel lines. Mark the detail from the middle of the design, then work around the base and top. Continue
    until all of the eggs have been carved. Cut ribbon to length, push one end into the hole and glue with super glue, leave for a few seconds, then fix in the other end. If desired, rub a little wax over the surface and buff to a soft sheen.

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