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Combine rustic wooden patterns and vibrant painted designs with Jill Alblas' Aztec bangle

What you need...
  • Wooden bangle
  • Acrylic paints: black, turquoise, mid brown, crimson
  • Matt varnish
  • TOOLS: pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, chain-nosed; Dremel 3000 with multi chuck; 3mm drill tip and carving tip 105; glue gun; pencil; fine paintbrush
  1. Download the templates from the link above. Pencil one of the example designs onto a wooden letter, then use a fine paintbrush to paint the design in your chosen colours. Allow to dry. Insert a multi chuck and carving tip into a Dremel 3000 and carefully carve the design.

  2. Carved Bangle - Turn the tool to a speed that you’re comfortable working with. Place the tip in position and work gently with very little pressure; imagine that you’re drawing on the wood with a pencil. Wipe with a tissue to remove any dust, then seal with a coat of varnish.

  3. Place the letter flat on an old board. Remove the carving tip and insert a drill bit. Carefully drill two threading holes at the top of the letter. Open two jump rings and thread both through the drilled holes. Thread each jump ring with 26cm of chain, then close. Add a jump ring to each end of the chain, then attach a necklace fastening.

  4. Pencil a pattern onto a wooden bangle, paint the design and carve out. Paint the rest of the bangle in mid brown, allow to dry and varnish as before.

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