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Designer: Ellen Kharade
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Set Polymer clay shapes in resin to resemble confetti and sweets

What you need...
  • Chemset clear base resin
  • Chemset resin hardener
  • Flexi Mould compound
  • Epoxy enamel transparent red resin mix
  • Polymer clay, Fimo Soft, rose, lilac, mint
  • Elasticated clear filament
  • Necklet ends
  • Jump rings, 5mm
  • Caribiner clasp
  • Mint ribbon, 15mm
  1. Bracelet - 1. Create a lozenge template on stiff card. Roll a ball of scrap polymer clay into a sheet of about 6mm, place the template on top and cut it out. Run your fingers over the shape until the edges are smooth. Make another five lozenges from scrap clay and bake to the manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool.

    2. Place the lozenges onto a length of double-sided tape and cut the shapes out with a scalpel. Peel off the backing paper and stick the pieces fairly close together on
    a plastic ice-cream tub lid. Roll out scrap polymer clay and make a dam around the pieces, smoothing the edges down well onto the lid to create a seal. This will prevent any compound from leaking out.

    3. Weigh 60g of Flexi Mould compound base in a clean plastic cup. Add 60g of the accompanying Flexi Mould compound catalyst to make 120g in total and stir until it turns pale blue. This will be workable for 40 to 45 minutes. Pour in a thin slow stream over the clay pieces to cover them completely. Leave to cure fully for at least three hours. Once firm, remove the shapes, and the mould is ready to use.

    4. Roll out mint polymer clay into a 1mm thick sheet. Using a tissue blade, cut up into 2mm wide strips. Lift up a strip and carefully wrap it around a metal crochet needle in a spiral formation. Make several more spirals in mint, rose and lilac. Chop any leftover strips into rough rectangles and squares. Roll more mint clay into six evenly sized balls around 8mm and bake all of the pieces to the manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool. Cover your work area with newspaper and apply
    barrier cream to your hands. Pour into a mixing cup 15g of resin and 7.5g of hardener to make 22.5g of resin in total. Add a couple of drops of red colourant and stir carefully with a lollipop stick until the resin turns light transparent pink. Leave for 20 minutes to thicken up. Pour a small amount of resin into each cavity, then cut the clay spirals to size and arrange them horizontally across each of the moulds. Add a mix of the little rectangles and squares. Top up the mould and leave covered overnight to cure.

    6. Pop the pieces out of the mould and sand the edges smooth using a Dremel multi tool. Mix up 22.5g of clear resin as before and leave to thicken. Carefully apply to the tops of the beads, cover and leave overnight to cure, then repeat on the other side. Sand the edges of the beads with emerypad until smooth, starting with a coarse grit and finishing with a fine pad. Drill holes through the middle of the resin and polymer clay beads horizontally. Cut a length of clear elasticated filament and thread on the beads, alternating.

  2. Nacklace - 1. Make a mould for the necklace in the same way as the bracelet, using a bag handle. Make up polymer clay spirals and squares as before. Measure out and combine 20g of resin and 10g of hardener to make 30g of resin in total. Mix in a little red colourant and pour a small amount into the mould. Add the clay spirals and squares to the mould and fill with more resin. Leave overnight to cure and pop out of the mould.

    2. Sand the edges smooth. Push a little polymer clay into the holes of the handles. Mix up a small amount of resin and hardener and leave for 20 minutes to thicken up. Using a lollipop stick, apply the resin to the surface of the necklace. Leave covered overnight to cure and repeat for the back.

    3. Push out the polymer clay and clean away any excess from the holes using a hobby drill. Make up two 2cm mint polymer clay buttons and bake to the manufacturer's instructions. Cut two pieces of mint ribbon to length and thread through the holes. Fold over each one and sew a button into place. Attach necklet ends to the ribbons and add jump rings plus a caribiner clasp.

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