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Bright Birdhouse Card

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Make a bright shaped card inspired by pretty birdhouses

What you need...
  • Papers, Sweet Nectar, 12” x 12”, K&Co
    Cardstock, assorted colours
    Cutting tools and mat
    Brads, coloured
    Tape, double-sided
  1. Cut a birdhouse shape from pink card, making the fold part of the roof. Trim a 3cm circle from the centre of the card front. Cover with regular patterned paper; try and centralise the design for a neat finish.

  2. Cut a semicircle from the centre of the unfolded edge before fixing the pocket to the middle of the card. Layer floral elements over the bottom of the pocket.

  3. Decorate the card and write a personalised message in the middle. Punch a hole in the top and thread with co-ordinating ribbon before slipping the card into the pocket, as shown.

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