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Bridal Bouquet

Designer: Tracy Rowbottom
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As summer wedding season approaches, we share this guide on creating your very own bridal bouquet or centrepiece

What you need...
  • Artifical flowers
  • Cable tie
  • Garland, pearl and heart
  • Lace
  1. Cut a mixture of artificial flowers to 25cm long. Remove the lowest orchid from each orchid stem. Construct the bouquet in the hand, adding in the materials to create a mixed bunch effect. Take care to evenly distribute the flower varieties, keeping the heads at a similar level to give a gently domed profile. Secure with cable tie.

  2. Fold a pearl and heart garland in half and join by twisting. Cover the cable tie and the majority of the stems by binding with lace, then tie off with a bow. Just before you tie off, tuck in the joined end of the pearl garland.

  3. Shape the pearl garland over the top of the bouquet, forming a cage by twisting the branches together. Finish by gluing the spare orchid heads evenly over the cage.

Find everything you need for this project at [url=][/url]

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