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Think pretty with Jane Kharade's glamorous gift set

What you need...
  • BRACELET Silver clay, PMC, White potato pearls, 5mm x 33, Pink potato pearls, 5mm x 33, Pink pearl, 1cm x 1, Pink crystal, 5mm x 1, Silver gimp wire, Pearl silk thread, Lobster clasp, Turnable carabiner clasp, Jump rings, 5mm, 6mm, Head pins

  • TOOLS Basic Jewellery Making Kit (see p78), Metal Clay Kit (see p79), Circular clay cutters, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, Stamps, small flower, small heart, alphabet, Talcum powder, Decorative paper, Gift box
  1. Bracelet - 1. Use silk thread to make up two potato pearl bracelets, one pink and one white, adding loops of gimp wire to the ends. Attach the two strands together using a 5mm jump ring at each end. Add a lobster clasp to one of the rings, and a 6mm jump ring to the other.

    2. Roll a piece of metal clay thinly on a Teflon mat. Dust lightly with talcum powder and use alphabet stamps to emboss the word 'love'. With a 15mm round cutter, cut out the word and put to one side. Stamp a single letter into the clay to represent an initial, and cut out with a 13mm cutter. Press a small flower in the clay and cut out using a 10mm cutter. Add a hole to each charm.

    3. Once they are dry and feel like plaster, file the edges with needle files and fire on a soldering block with a hand-held blowtorch. Polish the charms with three grades of emery paper to a high shine. Use coarse paper on the initial for a textured look.

    4. Thread a pearl onto a head pin, make a neat loop and cut off the excess. Repeat with a pink crystal. Suspend a carabiner clasp from the bracelet using a 7mm jump ring. Thread 5mm jump rings onto each of the charms you've made, as well as the pearl and crystal. Attach them to a 7mm jump ring and hang this from the clasp.

  2. Make it yours - Once you've made the charms, why not use them for a phone toggle or key ring as well?

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