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Blue Bead & Crystal Earrings

Designer: Brenda Harvey

Stand out from the crowd with these stunning earrings with peacock hues

What you need...
  • Wire: tiger tail, silver; ear
  • Beads: crimp, silver; foil-lined, round, ice blue
  • Crystals, Swarovski, bicone, 4mm, capri blue, blue zircon, clear
  • Pliers, flat-nosed
  1. Earrings - Cut two 12cm lengths of silver tiger tail wire, pass both pieces through the closed loop at the bottom of an earwire and make a crease at roughly halfway down each wire so that they hang and form four 'tails'. Thread all four ends through a single silver crimp bead. Push the crimp up to sit just below the loop and compress to hold it in place.

    Thread a sequence of beads through all of the wires; this example used a green crystal followed by a clear crystal, a round foil-lined bead, another clear crystal and a final green crystal. Add another crimp bead and compress tightly with the flat-nosed pliers.

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