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Beaded Candle

Designer: Jill Alblas
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Shimmer your way into autumn with this bead-encrusted candle

What you need...
  • Votive glass, silver
  • Beads, assorted colours and styles
  • Elastic, clear
  • Wax, green
  • Wick
  • Saucepan
  • Bowl, heatproof
  • Cocktail sticks
  1. Pour water into a saucepan, bring to boiling point, then turn down to a gentle simmer. Put the wax in a heatproof bowl, place on top of the saucepan and leave to melt. Whilst the wax is melting, trim a wick 10cm longer than the height of a votive glass and secure one
    end in the bottom.

  2. Fix a couple of cocktail sticks across the top of the glass so the wick is held upright between the two sticks. As soon as the wax has melted, pour it into the glass. Leave for about 40 minutes, by which time, a dip will have formed around the wick. Re-melt the wax as before and top up the dip.

  3. Leave to set then remove the cocktail sticks and trim the wick so it protrudes by about 1.5cm. Cut elastic 10cm longer than the circumference at the top of the glass. Thread with beads and tie in a tight knot, trim the ends neatly and fit over the glass and secure. Repeat around the base of the glass, then three times more to fit between the top and bottom rows of beads.

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