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Keep summer memories safe with these papercraft trinket boxes

What you need...
  • Card: A4; small box
  • Scoring board and scorer
  • Brads, mini, coloured
  • Adhesives
  • Cutting tools
  • Mat
  1. Use our template to trace the flat shape of the beach hut onto a sheet of 240gsm coloured card. Cut around the shape and use a scoring board and tool to crease the folding lines where indicated. With the craft knife and ruler, cut out three sides of the door and score down the left edge so it can open easily.

  2. Create a rectangle of contrasting coloured card, 2.8cm x 4.3cm, and matt this onto a second shade leaving a 1mm border all round. Glue the matted panel over the door flap, lining it up accurately. Pierce a hole through all the layers of the door on the right-hand side with a craft knife. Fix a mini brad into the hole to act as a doorknob.

  3. Assemble the beach hut by folding in along all score lines. Fix the side flaps to the insides of the base of the hut shape with double-sided tape. Stick the pitched roof in place, matching the top of the pitch to the fold in the middle of the roof.

  4. Cut a 7cm square of coloured card and fold in half. Fix this over the pitched roof with double-sided tape, leaving an equal overhang on all sides. Decorate the front of the roof with a small circle of card.

  5. Use a ruler and craft knife to cut wide strips of card, 21cm x 5mm. Glue these around the beach hut in a row starting on the left of the door and pinching the strip at each corner to ensure a neat fit. Trim the ends of the strips flush to the right of the door.

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