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Baby Nursery Papercraft Dec

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Use printed craft papers to decorate decoupage letter blanks to display in your handmade home

What you need...
  • Decoupage letter blanks
  • Papers, co-ordinating, different print for each letter
  • Paint
  • Embellishment
  • Craft knife or small paper scissors
  • Adhesive

  1. Apply a coat of paint to all sides of each letter, then leave to dry before applying another layer. When dry, check to see if more paint is required.

  2. Once covered with paint, pick out a design of paper for each letter, ensuring they'll work well in the order they'll be displayed. Trace around the shapes with the right sides facing down, then cut out with scissors or a craft knife.

  3. Make sure the paper cut-outs align with each letter, then fix into place. Lay the letters down and position embellishments into place. When happy with the composition, secure them. We chose a mixture of adhesive dimensional stickers for three letters, and wrapped green ribbon around an area on the remaining letter, before tying into a bow.

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