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What you need...
  • Yarn: Sherbet, Nougat, Minty, Aniseed, Violet
  • Crochet hook, 3.5mm
  • Fabric: assorted prints; white cotton
  • Lightweight quilt wadding
  1. Floral quilt - 1. Cut twelve 9.5cm squares from a pale-coloured striped fabric and 24 8cm squares from an assortment of floral and striped prints. Cut each small square in half, diagonally. Arrange the pieces on a flat surface making a three block x four block panel, angling the larger squares and placing the triangles around them so no two designs are touching.

    2. Sew the long edges of each triangle to the edges of the square, right sides together, sewing left and right, opening them up, then sewing top and bottom. Press all the blocks before stitching together to make a quilt top.

    3. Pin the quilt top to lightweight wadding and white backing fabric, then topstitch around the angled squares with a 4mm long straight stitch. Trim the edges of the quilt neatly and sew around the sides, 2mm from the edges.

    4. Cut several 3cm wide strips of floral fabric and join end to end to make a continuous binding strip. Sew the binding to the reverse of the quilt, matching the raw edges and mitring the corners neatly. Turn the binding to the front, turn under 5mm on the remaining raw edge and topstitch 2mm from the hem.

  2. Crochet trim - Use a darning needle and Sherbet to sew a shallow blanket stitch around the edge of the quilt, making each stitch at 8mm intervals

    Foundation row: Using a 3.5mm hook and Sherbet work 2dc into the top of each blanket stitch around the quilt, finishing with a sl st to join

    Row 1: *3ch, miss a st, 1dc into next st, rep * to end and join with a sl st
    Fasten off
    Join Nougat to a 1ch sp

    Row 2: work as Row 1 Join Minty to a 1ch sp

    Row 3: work *1ch, 3tr into next 1ch sp, (1ch, 1dc in next 1ch sp) twice, rep * to end and join with a sl st Fasten off

  3. Flowers - Make 12

    Using 3.5mm hook and chosen colour make 20ch

    Row 1: work 1tr into the fourth ch from the hook, *miss a st (1tr, 1ch, 1tr), rep * to end

    Row 2: turn, 1ch, *(1dc in 1ch sp, 2ch, 4tr), sl st between trs, rep * to end, sl st into last 1ch sp
    Fasten off

  4. To make up - Use the fastening off yarn to stitch the work into a nine petaled rosette. Pin a rosette to the centre of each square on the quilt and topstitch in place with matching thread around the edge of the centre hole.

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