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What you need...
  • Love & Best Wishes Kit with the May issue of Crafts Beautiful
  • Card: various colours
  • Ink pads: black, pink, red, brown
  • Twine: black, white
  • Embellishments: White pearls, pink Gems
  • Adhesives
  • Fancy Corner Punch
  • Alcohol Markers
  1. Fabulous friend
    Attach patterned paper onto a white card blank. Glue a strip of white card across the middle. Cut out the pink flower frame from one of the envelopes and attach in place with foam pads. Cut out one of the small pink flowers and add to the corner. Fix a die-cut sentiment to the centre of the frame.

    Love & Best Wishes
    On the rectangular double pink floral frame blank, add a long printed corrugated card strip down the centre of the with foam pads. Attach a sentiment to the centre along with a small cluster of flowers and leaves.

    Thinking of you
    Layer patterned paper onto the card blank. Attach the die-cut lace across the panel and trim off the excess. Stamp the flowers in brown inks and colour with alcohol markers. Layer onto card and fix in place with foam pads. Add adhesive pearls to the corners. Add a die-cut sentiment to finish.

    Layered papers
    Matt the brown wording paper onto a 15cm white square blank. Fold the blue square envelope and secure the flap at the back with some tape and fix centrally onto the wording paper. Add a lace border at the bottom of the envelope. Adhere a sentiment and some flowers/leaves to the top of the printed section of the envelope.

    Floral set
    Cut out the large shape label from the patterned paper. Attach in the centre of the square card blank with foam pads. Add the kraft die-cut strip in the middle of the card vertically. Create the border die-cut into a fishtail shape and glue in place. Attach leaves and a flower to the top of the strip with foam pads. Attach the die-cut sentiment to the middle to finish.

    Just because
    Cut the back from one of the square blanks and attach to the front of a white 10.5cm square blank. Trim away any excess. Add a wide lace border to the left and right sides. Create a large bouquet with the blue and purple flowers and foliage and adhere to the centre of the blank. Add a sentiment underneath the bouquet.

    Pink bouquet
    Create a large bouquet of pink flowers, foliage and a tag and adhere to the right of the landscape pink floral blank with foam pads, covering the printed flowers. Tuck a sentiment to the left and finish with some pink gems, if desired.

    From my heart to yours
    Create an 8.5cm x 12.5cm blank and cover with the pale pink lacy paper. With the blank landscape, add a wide lace border across the centre. Cut out the large pink floral panel from one of the pink envelopes and fix over the lace border. Attach a sentiment to the left of the flowers.

    You make me happy
    Layer the patterned papers together and glue onto a white card blank. Add the die-cut lace border to the bottom of the card with foam pads. Cut out the blue frame from the envelopes and fix with foam pads. Add the die-cut sentiment in the centre with foam pads. Cut out the small blue flower and attach at the bottom. Add adhesive pearls to the top corners.

    Blend pink and red inks onto a panel of card 6.5cm x 9.5cm to create and ombre effect. Stamp the bouquet centrally towards to the top of the panel with black ink. Wrap and tie black twine around the bottom of the panel and tie in a bow. Matt the panel onto an 8.5cm x 12.5cm white blank with foam pads. Stamp a simple sentiment below the panel and add some white pearls to finish.

    Die-cut design
    Layer patterned paper onto coloured card, using a corner punch to create fancy corners. Glue a die-cut lace border die-cut across the middle. Attach the die-cut sentiment in the centre with foam pads. Add adhesive gems to the corners.

    A touch of hessian
    Glue the wood grain die-cut onto the square blue frame card blank. Attach the just because die-cut sentiment on top with foam pads. Add the die-cut lace border to the side vertically with foam pads. Glue a hessian butterfly embellishment in the right bottom corner. Glue a flower onto the top of the lace border. Decorate with bubble embellishments.

    Stamped florals
    Use blank ink to stamp the floral bouquet onto the lilac lace paper, covering the surface. Trim to 8cm x 10cm and fix to the bottom of a top fold A6 blank. Cover the top edge of the paper with two narrow lace borders back-to-back. Wrap several strands of white twine around the card the borders and tie in a bow, covering the join. Add a sentiment to the top section of the blank.

    Have a fabulous day
    Attach patterned paper onto the square card blank. Attach the die-cut lace border across the card. Attach the wood grain die-cut with foam pads. Add the die-cut flowers on top. Add three adhesive pearls to the corner. Attach the sentiment with foam pads to finish.

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