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Easy mermaid quilling ideas for summer

What you need...
  • Quilling papers: 2mm wide: blue, green, pink, brown
  • Card: blue, white, turquoise
  • Ink-pads: green, blue
  • Marker pens: blush, blue
  • Fine marker pens: pink, black
  • Quilling tool
  • Sponge
  • Foam pads
  1. Door Hanger - 1 Cut a mermaid shape from white card, then colour the upper body with a pale marker pen. Shade the tail section with blue marker pen.

    2 Using the quilling tool, coil lengths of brown paper from 5cm to 12cm long. Leave the coils open, then glue the uncoiled part to the head of the mermaid. Ensure you glue the strips front and back of the head, changing the angles of the papers as you progress.

    3 Take a 30cm length of blue paper and twist into a closed coil. Pinch to a tear drop using your fingers, then glue to the tail of the mermaid. Continue to make and stick coils to the tail until it is covered and add two for the tips of the tail.

    4 Trim a door hanger shape from turquoise card. Using a sponge, dab green and blue ink over the card to create a watercolour effect. Dab lightly and gradually build up the colours.

    5 Attach the mermaid to the hanger with foam pads, and use pens to add the face detail. Glue some of the hair coils to the background to hold the figure in place. Cut a banner with 'mermaids welcome' and fix as shown. Make the bikini top with two green coils, each 20cm long and pinched to triangles.

  2. Landscape Card - Create a dense quilling effect for this mermaid's tail using 10cm lengths of blues and greens for the coils. The shorter the paper length, the smaller the coil will be and more intricate the quilled effect. Here the mermaid floats on a sponged background of turquoise. Mount your figure with foam pads to create the raised effect. Construct the pink bikini top with two triangles of coiled paper. Add a greeting to the card if you wish.

  3. Princess Card - This mermaid is ideal for children's cards with a pink crown making the figure more regal. It uses 20cm long paper lengths for the tail. Coil and pinch the strips as before and create a less dense but equally effective scale effect. This card would be ideal for birthday party invitations.

Graceful mermaids are a wonderful subject for quilling and crafts. Here the scaly tail is replicated with a mass of quilled coils in blues and greens, creating a textured finish, befitting a mystical creature. For this project, slim 2mm wide quilling papers are used for the tail and hair. These dainty strips are suited to more delicate shapes and worth trying, especially if you have always used wider papers in your quilling. Three sizes of quilled coil feature on each mermaid tail which highlights the differing effects of changing from small to large twists. The smaller the coil, then the more of them you need, as in the landscape mermaid card. If you are short of time, larger twists may be a better option as on the door hanger version. The open coils for the mermaid's hair create a flowing mass, as if she is floating in water. These projects are ideal for all ages as we never tire of the sea sirens!

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