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Spread a little festive cheer with these elaborate winter wonders

What you need...
  • Quilling papers: 3mm wide, pink, red, green
  • Card: red, green, pink, white
  • Die, circle
  • Border Buddy Tool
  • Picture frame
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesives
  1. 1 To form red leaves, coil a 20cm length of red paper to form a loose closed coil and pinch both ends to create a leaf shape. Use a quilling board to make more coils in the same size.

    2 Wrap the coils by fixing 10cm strips of green to the outer edges of the red leaves and tightly wrapping before sticking the end in place.

    3 To build the snowflake, make a tight coil, glue to a pink disc, then fix the red and green coils around. Take 20cm of green, coil and pinch into a teardrop. Make five more.

    4 Create rings from red and layer onto the pink circle. Make tight coils from pink and fix to the ends of the green shapes. Quill red and pink coils, then attach.

  2. Let It Snow - Working outwards from the small tight red coil in the centre, create a quilled snowflake motif with six arms on a light pink disc. Mount onto a dark pink circle and fix to green. Matt onto a white card blank and finish with a sentiment.

  3. Peace and Goodwill - Make a stepper greeting from green card by cutting and scoring the mountain and valley folds. Quill a snowflake design and mount onto a white circle before adhering
    to the centre panel. Add three coils to both side steps and fix a sentiment to the bottom to finish.

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