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Dream up a set of 3-D showstoppers made from quilled paper

What you need...
  • Quilling tool
  • Quilling paper, 2mm wide: yellows, browns, oranges, pinks, purples; 3mm wide: oranges, pinks, purples, metallic-edged
  • Parchment paper
  • Pens: marker, blush; fine marker, pink, red
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Quilled Creations: Border Buddy™, Mini Mould
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Thin floristry wire
  • Thread
  • Adhesives
  1. Fairy Decorations - 1 Glue five strips of 3mm wide orange paper end-to-end to make one long piece. Using the quilling tool, insert one end of the paper into the slot and coil tightly for several turns, then coil away. Turn, continually holding the paper, to form a cone shape. Stick the end in place, remove the tool and glue inside the cone shape.

    2 Make two smaller cone shapes using two 30cm lengths of orange for arms and glue to the large cone. For the head of the fairy, glue three strips of pink paper end-to-end and make a tight coil. Place on the dome of the mould shape and press down to create a half dome shape, remove and add glue inside. Make another and stick the two together. Create hands using 5cm lengths of pink paper and fix inside the arms.

    3 Attach the head to the body – you may wish to use a short length of floristry wire to stabilise them. If you are making a cake topper, secure the pop stick inside the large cone. For the wings, use the Border Buddy™ tool to make loops 1.5cm and 2.5cm in diameter. Pinch these slightly, glue onto parchment paper and leave to dry. Cut out the teardrop shapes and stick the large to the small, then to the fairy using super glue.

    4 Cut small pieces of brown 2mm wide paper, coil one end and glue the other to the fairy head for hair. Continue until the head is covered with brown strips. Using super glue, attach two wiggly eyes to the head. Draw a mouth with red pen and make a small nose with a 1cm length of 1mm wide pink paper.

    5 For the skirt, coil 20cm lengths of paper and pinch into teardrop shapes. Glue these to the large cone shape for a fairy skirt. Finally, make a crown with a loop of metallic edged paper and three small pinched coils made from two 5cm lengths and one 7cm.

    6 To add legs, wrap a 10cm length of orange paper around a cocktail stick to make a loose coil. Attach a tight coil of 15cm orange 2mm wide paper to one end and glue the other inside the cone shape. Repeat to make another.

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