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What you need...
  • Quilling papers: 3mm wide, various colours
  • Card: green, purple, yellow, green, white
  • Needle tool
  • Picture frame
  • Adhesives
  1. Rainbow Frame - 1 Coil a 40cm length of 3mm wide red paper. Release the shape slightly to create a loose closed coil and adhere. Pinch each end into an eye shape. Repeat to make 15 pinched shapes.

    2 Glue three coils together and wrap red paper around the outer edge. Repeat this two or three times and tear off any excess to neaten. Make four or five of these petals per flower.

    3 Adhere the petal shapes together. Make a tight coil from pink paper for the centre of the flower. Attach two lengths of red paper, then make a tight coil and glue to a circle of yellow card.

    4 Stick the red flower to the yellow card so that the bloom is raised. Using a needle tool, make open coils from various colours and attach around the flower. Mount onto a circle and finish with ribbon.

  2. Thank You - Coil flowers from various coloured paper. Use 40cm length papers for the larger flowers and 20cm lengths for the smaller blooms. Attach to the card blank and print a ‘thank you’ sentiment.

  3. Statement Spirals - Create open coils using various lengths of coloured paper and a needle tool. Adhere an orange flower to the centre and add spirals of rainbow papers to shoot from the motif.

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