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Show your loved ones just how much you care with delicate folded flowers

What you need...
  • Card: pink, red
  • Quilling papers: red, pink, cream
  • Quilling tool
  • Dies: alphabet, hearts
  • Ribbon, white
  1. I Heart U - 1 Die-cut the letters 'I' and 'U' from red card four times. Glue each letter together to create two thick shapes. Take pink paper, 3mm wide, and glue around the edge of the letters to hold it all in place.

    2 Insert pink paper into the quilling tool and coil until the flower reaches 10mm wide. Fold at a right angle to the tool, then turn, lifting up the paper strip as you go so it becomes horizontal again. Make another fold at a right angle so the paper hangs close to the previous fold. Continue in this way.

    3 Once your rose is the required size, trim the excess paper, then fold the end and glue against the rose shape. Make 38 roses in pink, cream and red – each size will depend on how tightly you coil, and the length of paper used.

    4 Glue 'I' and 'U' to pink card, then mount onto red, leaving a narrow border. Layer onto dark pink and fix to a tent-fold blank. Make a quilled heart by folding the paper in half and coiling to the centre. Glue in the middle of the letters and stick roses around the sentiment.

  2. Romantic Card - Fix folded roses around a large die-cut heart and add 'Love' to the centre for a thoughtful greeting.

  3. Wall Hanging - Layer two hearts and folded roses, then thread white ribbon through to create a tag for all occasions.

  4. Huge Heart - Follow the same instructions as above to create this beautiful card for family and friends.

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