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Celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday with our royal quilling project!

What you need...
  • Quilling paper: 5mm, white; 3mm, various
  • Card
  • Quilling tool
  • Adhesives
  1. The Queen - 1 Roll 20 white strips end to end and push to 7cm high. Make a dome from six white strips, 1.5cm, then a pink dome, 1cm, and glue together to form a chest.

    2 Roll two sets of four pink strips, dome and stick together on top of a half strip peg neck. Shape two 1.5 strips into pegs, then push into a point to form arms and roll quarter strips for hands.

    3 Assemble, then cut navy card into a long oval shape and glue to the shoulders, leaving the cloak to trail a little behind. Roll ten white strips into a tight peg then dome to 2.5cm. Glue and leave to
    dry completely.

    4 When dry, snip from the base to the top and remove the top few strips to create a cape. Decorate with fringed flowers made from white strips, 10cm. Fringe and wind another as a hat band.

    5Trim gold paper to fit inside the band. From two gold strips, 3cm, form ‘m’ shapes and glue into position. Cut a circle from dark red paper and glue inside the crown.

    6 Cut brown curls and stick under the crown. Edge the bodice, top of the arms and skirt with gold fringing, decorate the skirt with floral designs, then make a sceptre, orb and cross with gold strips.

  2. The Duke - 1 Roll nine navy strips and dome to form a jacket. Make two pegs from one strip each and push to a point for arms and glue into position, then use white half strips to make gloves.

    2 Form a shallow bowl shape from eight navy strips and cover with glue, then insert into the jacket. Roll fourteen one-strip navy pegs for each leg and glue the pegs on top of each other.

    3 Finish with shoes made from two strips each. Make a head and neck as before, then adorn his uniform with gold shoulders and belt. Finish with a selection of tiny medals.


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