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Download and stamp your very own thank you cards from Designer Ishtar Oliver

What you need...
  • Cardstock, various colours
  • Stamps: custom from templates
  • Ink-pads, various colours
  • Rounded corner punch
  • Twine
  • Download the templates attached
  1. Thank you cards - 1 Use pre-made card blanks from plain white or coloured card. Trim off the corners of each one using a rounded corner punch.

    2 Either create your own stamps using the templates provided using a sharp craft knife and rubber sheet, or print the designs onto coloured card, cut out and use to adhere centrally to each blank. Apply ink to your stamps, one at a time, and carefully print a design onto the cards.

    3 Wrap twine around the spines of each blank and use the smaller template as a tag by punching a hole in its top-left corner and threading it through the string to finish.

    This project was adapted from I love Stamping by Ishtar Oilvera (£12.99, Quadrille). Check it out for more fun stamp ideas!

  2. Ishtar Olivera's tips - ✿ Make sure your stamp is free of dust, otherwise any small fluff will leave a mark on your paper.
    ✿ Use good quality inks to get the best results. I would suggest the Japanese brand Tsusineko. They are wonderful quality and come in many different types of inks according to your needs (pearlescent, permanent, chalk, etc.).
    ✿ Saturate the stamp well enough before stamping it. If it’s too big for your ink-pad, do it the other way around. Place the ink on the table and gently tap the stamp on it.
    ✿ Press the stamp firmly onto your printing surface, being careful of not moving it or it may come out blurry. Allow it to dry.
    ✿ Depending on the paper you use, the results can be very different. More grainy paper appears rustic and lovely but the impressions won’t be as sharp.
    ✿ Play with colour! Ink your stamp using different shades to create a unique, eye-catching blend. Start applying one colour in the centre, then another next to it, and maybe even a third one if the stamp is big enough. It’s a simple and clever way to obtain a gradient print.


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