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Stitch this gorgeous Red Riding Hood doll toy to accompany the quilt from our April 2015 issue!

What you need...
  • Felt sheets: red, brown, jade, pink
  • Fibre filling
  • Thread, embroidery
  1. Cut one dress piece from jade felt and one cape front from red. Place the dress under the centre of the cape, matching up the top points so the bottom of the dress hangs out from under the bottom of the cape. Pin and sew the two pieces together with two strands of embroidery thread and a double row of small running stitch.

  2. Trim four red legs and two brown shoe pieces. Stitch the shoes to two of the legs, making sure they are mirrored. Stitch the remaining legs to the back of each and stuff with fibre filling. Pin the tops of the legs inside the bottom of the dress.

  3. Cut a face from pink felt and hair from brown. Stitch the hair to the face and add detail with two strands of lighter brown thread. Embroider features on the face before sewing to the head part of the front cape and adding a row of decorative stitching around the circle.

  4. Trim a back piece from red felt and pin behind the doll, sandwiching the tops of the legs as you do so. Over-sew around the whole doll, leaving a gap on one side. Stuff the doll fairly firmly before closing up the gap with over-sew stitches.

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