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Hi all,
I wanted to let you know I'm posting some rules and regs. We don't want to dictate to you, but as the forum grows it gets harder to moderate and we want to make sure it remains a happy, fun community. If anyone has any questions, queries or concerns do drop a PM or email to Jecelyn Latimer  :)

Forum Rules and Regulations
All members agree to the below rules and regulations, may use them as guidance when posting, and should contact the moderators or administrators of this site if they have any problems with adhering to them.
• Please be aware that this board is a public forum and can be viewed by anybody who chooses to visit the site.
• Never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example: telephone number, home address or email address) on a discussion board, and please do not include postal addresses of any kind. Use the PM system to communicate such information to other members if required.
* Abusive behaviour, harassment, defamation or bullying will not be tolerated. This is a community board where everyone should have a right to express their opinion. Should anybody have a problem with a particular member, or a particular member’s behaviour, please contact a moderator or administrator of the site.
* Remember that it's hard to get a particular intonation across when typing- writing in capitals can sometimes be taken as shouting- try emphasising words with italics, or bolding them up instead if you're unsure.
* Please ensure that all contributed projects and posts are your own work (unless otherwise credited) and does not infringe any law, including copyright and trademark.

Advertising/Signatures - UPDATED
* Advertising is banned on the forum, please adhere to this rule. If you are keen to promote a show, product, business or charity please contact Holly Reubin or elainelk via the Private Messaging or Email facility. This includes promoting other craft forums that are hosted by members or as part of a shop.
* Members are allowed to have links within their signatures, but there must be no encouraging language, special offers or discounts alongside them. Examples as below:
Allowed signiture:

There is now a limit of three links per member.
Members must also have a minimum of 10 posts before they can add links to their signature starting from 13th December 2010.

Disallowed signature:
Come and buy my fantastic crafty products at discounted prices: www.myetsy.com
We also ask that members refrain from using flashing icons, or animated banners to promote their shops.

* Please note that comments and projects posted on this board may be published in Crafts Beautiful, Lets Make Cards, Lets Get Crafting, Sew and Make Jewellery magazines.

The craft titles associated with this website are Crafts Beautiful, Let's Make Cards, Let's Knit, Let's Get Crafting, Make Jewellery and Sew. Because of this we can't be seen to be promoting other craft titles within it. Please do not make references to any other titles on the boards as they will be removed. We reserve the rights to edit/remove threads containing unproductive comments about our advertisers/supermarket stockists.

RAK mailing list

By signing up to participate in the RAK mailing list you are agreeing to your data being held electronically on the home computer of the member responsible for compiling and updating the list. You are also agreeing to the electronic distribution of your details to each other member on the RAK list and the storage of the distributed list on their home computers. Members may also store this data in the form of a printed copy of the list, if so desired.

Your data will not be shared with the administrators of this site – only with those site members participating in the RAK mailing list.

Your data will not be stored for any longer than necessary and will only be used for the purposes of participating in the RAK mailing list. It will not be shared with third parties.

Your data can be removed from the list at any time by PMing the member responsible for compiling and updating the list.

Please report any misuse of your personal data to the member responsible for compiling and updating the list and an administrator of this site.

Challenges – NEW section please read!
* It has come to our attention that many members on the forum are setting their own challenges and offering prizes to the lucky winners, which is fantastic and completely voluntary. Some members are making a habit of not returning to announce the winner and send out the prize, as promised. Please note that although it's up to individual members whether they want to set a challenge, once they've set one it's courteous to see it through as promised to avoid misleading other members.
Because of this we are introducing a new 'three strikes' policy. Should a member repeatedly host a challenge and not send out a prize/notify a winner, after three times they will be BANNED from hosting challenges full stop.
We do understand that there are circumstances beyond your control which may affect this, so if this does happen during a challenge you have set through no fault of your own, please PM either myself or Emma, as we will look at each incident individually to keep things fair.

Swaps- NEW section please read!
* Please note, any members involved in a swap gives out his/her address details at their own risk.
Any member who signs up to a swap but doesn't complete/begin it, will receive a warning. As will any host who starts a swap but doesn't complete it, or completes it late without any notice to those who have taken part. After three warnings, people will then be banned from hosting/taking part in swaps. This includes one-to-one swaps.

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I can't see any reason why you can't Angel. Many people , including myself have done this in the past and nothing has been said.


I would post the link and if HQ aren't happy they will come along and let us know (blame me  ;) )

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You need to read rules and regulations on page one of this post. These rules and regulations apply to this forum only.


For any other clubs you will have to check them out yourself we can't help

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