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Slow cooker recipes anybody?

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Shirley - I did your gammon in apple juice, in addition to the turkey, for Christmas dinner as eldest son doesn't like turkey. Everyone absolutely loved it! I can't comment as I don't eat meat but will definately do it again for the family. So easy as well!


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I just wanted to share an ''accidental'' recipe which turned out yummy!


I browned a lb of miced beef with onions and garlic, put the lot into a preheated slow cooker with a pint of beef stock, two large handfulls sultanas, a tin of black eyed peas (drained) and 4 heaped teaspoons Ras El Hanout spice mix. Left it on high for 4 hrs and OMG! Even my kids (fussy eaters) cleared it. Served on a bed of mixed rice with shredded roasted red peppers through it.


Really it was so easy and so delicious. Well worth a try.


xxx Dreamy

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We do happenstance all the time, Dreamy.

And we really like fruit in our slowfood dishes.

Have you ventured with apricots or figs with meat dishes?

Apricots are brilliant with lamb and we adore figs with curries, pork and even chicken.

And love the Moroccan spices you used too, so should be just up our street!

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