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Crafts Beautiful 2

Have you made anything from the kit yet?

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I loved the bumper Christmas issue- the motifs are fab and so handy! It gave me a real head start on my Christmas cards which is a real relief as I was getting a bit panicky about them, with no inspiration or ideas.


Has anyone made anything from the kit yet, I like seeing what everyone else has come up with!


Kate :)

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Before today, I've bought three Lets make cards magazines and made lots of cards from each one, and lots more from left over bits and pieces by adding a few blanks and peel-offs. Last night I wanted to make a birthday card for my husband and got out issue 9 and found there were enough interesting bits of papers and rub-ons to make a really nice card - such a happy relief from the christmas colours! I've bought the new issue today (I couldn't wait!) but have put it to one side until I've completely finished with Christmas cards.


Do other people have the left over bits from their kits together or do they mix everything into one place? I find it quite useful to have the things together as they coordinate so well!



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