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Help reading a pattern please.

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Hi, I’m new to knitting, and I’m so hoping someone will be able to explain this pattern instruction, (it’s for a doggy jumper)please :


I’ve just finished the row with the cast off sts for the leg openings and this next instruction is where I’m stuck🤔


Beg on a ws row, work 6cm in pattern from cast off sts, ending with rs facing for next row .


Thanks in advance

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Are you working in stocking stitch (1 row plain 1 row purl) or is it a different pattern


Say pattern is over 2 rows then row 1 is right side and row 2 is wrong side so you would start with row 2 then row 1 row 2 etc until work measures 6 cms measuring from where you cast off.


You end with row 2.


Does this help

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