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What are your thoughts on handmade clothing?

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Hello there,

I have designed a questionnaire to find out what people think of handmade clothing and if you're interested, I would be really grateful if you could possibly spare around 2 minutes out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Here is the link:


Many thanks indeed.

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I apologize the survey was much too long and a bit too invasive. I started it and did not finish. May I say, I would gladly buy handmade clothing, every day type of wear, that cost more than what is sold in the shops, if it is of good quality. When I was a young child my mother prided herself on buying only handmade dresses for all of us girls. It is not easy to find handmade anymore, and what is to be found is of amateur quality.

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I think if you want people to do your survey you need to start by introducing yourself and say what you are trying to achieve.  Your survey is collecting personal and financial information but there is no clue  who we would be giving our details to, so I have not completed it as I do not feel it complies with the Data Protection Act.


I have removed the link from your post as it does not comply with forum rules.


Advertising is not permitted on the forum, but I'm sure members would give you their opinions on here if you asked.

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