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Does anyone understand this instruction please?

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Hello everyone,


I am new to knitting and I am stuck on this instruction, i don't know what it means!


32 sts.

Work 32 rows in st-st working 1 st less each side dec 2 sts *as before* in every foll 8th row.

24 sts.

(As before = K15, k2tog, K14, K2tog,K1).


I am starting with 32 stitches and it looks like I end up with 24 stitches after I have knitted 32 rows in stocking stitch. What I do not understand is the phrase 'working 1 st less at each side dec 2 sts as before in every foll row'.


Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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The next row will be Row 1  K14 k2tog K13 k2tog k1


                                Row 2 Purl


                                Row 3 Knit


                                Row 4 Purl


                                Row 5 Knit


                                Row 6 Purl


                                Row 7 Knit


                                Row 8 Purl


                                Row 9  K13 k2tog K12 K1


As you can see every 8th  row starts 1 stitch less so continue 7 more rows stocking stitch then next row will be K12 k2tog K11 K1


Let me know how you get on

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