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Adhesive query

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After having a break from my card making for a while I've rediscovered my stash and Christmas card making is in full swing.

My problem is knowing which glue/adhesive is best for matting etc., ...

I have PVA, glue sticks and glue 'mice', and of course double sided tape, most are a bit of an age, so I'd like to buy new, but which are best please?

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I'm a little late to the game on this one, but I use my ATG tape runner for matting cards. And for pretty much everything else, haha. 


The ATG is really big so it takes some getting used to. But I had to upgrade from the tiny tape runners (mice) because I was using them up too quickly. 


Like Bigbunniesuk said, I find that wet glue doesn't work well unless the paper is thick. But it is nice that wet glue gives you a little more time to reposition.


Were you looking for wet glue or something more like double sided tape?

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