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Sporty Saturday

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Morning all :)


It's been a bit quiet on our daily threads lately.  Hope everyone is okay?


CN from yesterday's thread, I haven't posted a pic of my blouse, mainly because I forgot to take one before I wore it!


Well today we are off out to a free tennis taster session for the girls.  I'm always a bit wary of going to these things, not because they'll try to sign you up for paid sessions but because the place is bound to be packed with people!  I thought I might try to go to the local writing group too this month but its on today at the same time as the tennis taster so maybe next month...


I wore my blouse to work yesterday as it was dress down Friday & got a few compliments.  Another sewer there was very enthusiastic saying if I'd not said she'd never have known it was homemade.  I'm sure that was a compliment :P


Well I'd better get on so we're ready to go out as the session is at 10am.

Have a lovely crafty Saturday folks x

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have fun with the kids at the tennis taster.  Tennis was the first racquet sport I played and I was 9years old when I started playing.  I never had any lessons but learnt via reading tennis books from the library, watching tennis and practising.


I played for many years but my Squash and Badminton over took my Tennis as I become a Squash and Badminton coach, and played for my county and started and ran a huge Badminton club.


Isn't it nice when people like what you make.


I'm trying out my new Camera tripod to day as it was a birthday present I received on Wednesday.

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Hope the tennis taster went well su2ie,I have never been sporty, maybe I am just lazy the children all joined tennis, badmington ,football and golf,


Aisles what are you taking photos of today, ?

Enjoy, and belated happy birthday


Cut out my remaining quilt blocks last night for Ruth's quilt so I plan on getting them assembled today


Enjoy the weekend

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Hello. Feeling a bit droopy again today after Thursday's dentist excitement! :lol: The good news is I only need to wear my aligners at night now, yippee! :D


Su2ie, well done with the buttonhole foot and getting compliments at work on your blouse. Could you set up an informal crafty lunch break with the other sewer?


Aisles, a belated happy birthday, I hope you had a fab day. You're full of hidden talents! Enjoy your camera tripod and do share the results with us.


CN, hope you've made good progress with your quilt blocks.


Tracey, hope you're relaxing with a cuppa and some crafting.


I've been trying to source some lace-making supplies and it's worn me out. I found a site a while ago that did what I wanted at an affordable price, but now I can order it it's out of stock. :( I emailed them a couple of days ago to find out when stock would be in, but no reply. Everywhere else I've looked online this afternoon is much more expensive.


I'll do a bit more sock when I've had a rest. I've just started increasing for the gusset. :)

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Afternoon :)


The tennis taster when really well, full of fun activities which I took part in to encourage the girls too.  Only downside is that signing up for proper training is beyond our budget at the moment.  I might get a little tennis set for the girls to use when we go out and about.  Such a pain not having a garden come summer :huh: I'm glad we went anyway :)


I've decided on my teacher gifts - crochet bookmarks so I need to hunt the house for supplies.


Belated happy birthday Aisles!  Enjoy your new camera :P


Tracey are you getting to spend your day knitting? B)


K&F hope they email you soon. Obviously everyone else has realised how well priced their stuff is too. Great news on the retainers!  Oh and we only get a 15 minute break so not enough time for crafty endeavours at work.  I have given one woman some spare crochet hooks and a few instructions and she's getting back into crochet now  :D 


Right best be off.  Our kitty cat is attempting to claw his way through the front door!  Bye for now x

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