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Sporty Saturday

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Hi ladies I haven't been on for a few days hope everyone is ok.counting down the days now to summer hols be nice having then extra three hours in the day not driving about.i have been waiting a week for a larger embroidery hoop I don't no why its taking so long they said 48 hour when I payed for it through ebay tried ringing today but was a answer phone message,hope ut comes soon.been making a dream catcher for my granddaughter Desireè she choose all the colours the main circle I change the cotton half wat throw to see what pattern we would get .have still got some more feathers yo make.going to have some wine now have a good evening.lisa xx




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Wow Lisa I love it.


Not got good signal here so struggle getting on to forum. ..bed comfy though so not complaining. .we have even used separate rooms so not to disturb each other and I have done some knitting...been out most of the day so not done much.


Hubby watching Hobbit so I'm going to read..only just had our meal as it waa too warm earlier.


Be crafty everyone.

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Glad it went well at the tennis.  Doesn't your children school offer after school tennis?  or other sports for free? 


Are there any courts at public parks?


If I lived nearby I could have offered to help with some free lessons as long as you could cover any court hire price.


Crafty Nannie I'm just trying the tripod out for the moment with both my two different camera's.  I'm hoping to take it out on Monday see what I can do with it.


hehehe yes I do have hidden talents I guess I became a bit of an over achiever when because I don't like to be told I can't do something.


I had very bad hand and eye co oridantion ie and my balance wasn't great so I learnt things to improve both. 


There are certain sports I love but other's I hated as I'm a bit short only 5foot.  I love racquet sports most of all including Racquet ball and table tennis.  The only other sport I enjoyed was hockey and I loved martial arts only I  have a number of sporting injuries now so had to give up my martial arts 12years ago.


I also play guitar/sing in a band and play one or two Sundays at church.  My previous church I played every sunday.

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