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Zey The Mouse Episode 3 'A Trip To The Seaside' FIMO Stop Motion Animation

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Hi, all, back again hope your all o.k? :)


i would like to share my Zey's latest adventure, a summer theme, great sets made. Realistic waves at the beach to sand castles and ice-creams! A mystery and trouble. With a funhouse that has surreal obsticles, new characters include Naughty Fernando Fox and Mr. Raccoon who join Zey, Dylan and Mr. Mouse!

10 months of putting this episode together, a sense of achievement, hope you enjoy?






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Hi, Carolyn, Thank you! it means alot, Glad you enjoyed the film, and yes it was very hard work, The waves were made from clingfilm! and the funhouse had to surreal for it to look the part! This episode out of all of them was the biggest challenge, am exhausted, so taking a big long break :)

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Hi, all, just an update, ive been working on Zey's 4th episode for the past 9 months, it's taking a long time, but it's looking awesome, i thought i'd share a little sneak into the London Westminster tube station (2 metre's long) and tube train that ive made.


i had a newspaper article full page in february, the link is here:



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