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Congratulations Susie & now DH.  I hope you all had a lovely day and best wishes for your future happiness.


I don't often post but I do still read.  I am rarely awake long enough to do both.


It must be the year for weddings, my ex husband is getting married next month. My daughter is doing bridesmaid.  It is supposed to be a quiet wedding but tbh I have never heard so much fuss being made of a quiet wedding before lol. From what the kids say they can't wait until it is all over.  Then a month later they have to do it all again for a wing ding in the local pub for the rest of the village who weren't invited lol.


Anyway my youngest son has finally managed to get a job after so many non replies to applications, letters, emails etc.  So I am up early for the first few days to make sure he gets up ok.


Keep crafty H.

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