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Good morning


I hope everyone is okay and not affected by flooding.


On the craft front I worked out how I will knit 2 garments. One is now packed ready to take on holiday next month the other I going to work on at home.


Keep crafting

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Morning :)


Major storms here too but I've not heard of any flooding.  Hopefully because they put up flood defenses many years ago as the Severn kept bursting it's banks all over the place!


On a crafting front I think I've finished the wedding flowers.  A few days ago I was using garden wire wrapped in rubbery stuff for stalks for some of the flowers and as I tried to pull off some of the rubbery tube I managed to shoot the wire right through the base of my little finger on my left hand :( It went all the way through and out the other side at a kind of diagonal angle.  Needless to say the sofa looked like a crime scene but DF came to the rescue with tissue to mop up my hand and wipes to clean off the sofa from the aftermath of me pulling the wire back out.  Amazingly the bleeding stopped after 10 minutes, its fully healed and the bruising and swelling is almost gone...  I'm just glad it wasn't my ring finger!!!


Eliza sounds like a good plan getting your holiday crafting ready now.  Have fun knitting :D


Right best be off as I've got to finish getting the girls ready for school then its a bit of pampering for me before work as I'm having my nails done :P


Bye for now x

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Morning. 😀

Eliza - Am glad you worked out your knitting. 😀

Su2ie - So lucky it wasn't your ring finger. Am happy the bruising and swelling is almost gone. 😳

Not had rain here just yet, but looks like it's on its way. â›…ï¸ Just going to put some more washing in, then it's knitty time and a cuppa.


Have a fab day everyone. x

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Good morning all. Cloudy and rain but no floods and now the sun looks to be coming out as I type. Watching C&C sewing Christmas crafts. At the same time I have finished the blanket part of the monkey huggy.


Yesterday we took the bull by the horns and bought a Ford Fiesta Ztec 2013 car.


Our old Mazda is going to the car heaven in the sky she was 18 years old. We pick the new car up this evening.


Ouch Su2ie, I hope your finger. Is ok I did just the same thing with the sewing machine needle and pulled it out of my finger, surprisingly it healed very quickly.

Talking about DF , the snooker player Ali Carter has IBS and he has after 10 years now a diet that agrees with him and he looks a new man , I hope DF finds what is right for him are the doctors helping him with that?


Any way have a crafty day all BBL

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Just to let you know especially Craftie nanny that reiskia Stevens is on C&C at one o'clock sewing Christmas crafts, they are wonderful ideas. So if you are not in to sport watch at 1oclock C&C.

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Oh dear Linda I just read your post and missed that programme

I wonder if it will be on again or maybe get it on I pad

Good news on your new car,


Su2ie, poor you ouch, I bet it's sore, good your flowers are finished now, enjoy your pampering before work


Remember to show us your finished garments Eliza ,is it cardigans you are knitting


We still have heavy rain and Aberdeenshire is on flood alert, it is so miserable, has someone kidnapped summer,10 degrees today


Tracey you are fortunate getting washing done I have been trying to change my bed linen all week and the rain won't stop, I do like to get my sheets out on the line hence my dilemma


I am still working on My embroidered wedding panel there is a lot of sewing on it, still need to make it into quilt when it's done, I have all the flowers now to make the buttonholes a d bouquet s, but so far only done the lace collars


Hope you are dry and crafty


Edited by crafty nannie

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