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Is it Wednesday?

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Ouch Liz that's nasty..hope it soon heals..we came on bus..I find it easier as off at onr stop and on at other side of York. .we are on A new route going home..it does 2 pick ups in York then no more stops until Leeds the bus we came on does detours through a couple of villages..will be interesting to see how much quicker it is. Its called ZAP bus.


Sarah good luck with the sorting..do you remember which box holds what? ? I've tried to get more organised even labeled boxes and I still struggle.


Bus is bouncing..bbl

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Evening all been overcast most of the day.


With some help from DH have sorted through our DVD's and got rid of a load. Honestly he hasn't half buy some rubbish  :lol:


This is start of declutter before we decorate our bedroom.


Everyone seems to have had a lovely day

K&F getting  a few Z's in    Eliza in York    Sara cleaning and sorting  Suzy hot weather and lots of knitting  Liz your poor son - anyone else?


Liz sent you a pm    


Doing edging on blanket then just a few ends to weave in and its done


Have a lovely evening ladies

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