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Tropical Tuesday

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enjoyed my steak and wine lunch today I also visited my friend for coffee, so now home and the rest of the day is mine,

The sea fog kept it cool today inland it was 14 deg, but chilly beside us although dry and sunny


Nice to see you Sarah, I bet your time without alia passes before you complete half of your to do plans


Pleased you had a good weekend Linda is that your outfit complete now with bag and shoes


Hope everyone is well ,I must make a cuppa so bfn

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Hello. :) Finally feeling vaguely human after another stomach bug. I never used to get them and I've had 3 this year. Was up all night so felt like death when I got up. I've managed a piece of toast so definitely on the mend. :)


Good to read everyone's news and what you're all up to. :) It's been overcast here today. I'd love a thunderstorm - I wonder if we'll get one here? *crosses fingers* ;)

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Bit late for me popping in but its been a full day.


Washing food shopping trip to see nurse and get my test results - cholesterol a bit high so they have prescribed statins.


DH came with me so we decided to get wallpaper for our bedroom. White for bottom, lilac with big white flowers for top and border has deep purple flowers outlined in black.


We weren't going to decorate until after our hols in july but have changed our minds.

DS2 is away to Magaluf for 4 days at end of june which means we can move most of our furniture into his room leaving space to work round the bed.

Thankfully that will be whole house done.


Lost on what everyone has said - Sewing bee - wedding outfits - K&F still feeling yuck etc etc


Su2ie have you seen this rose pattern http://diyzone.tips/learn-crochet-roses.html


Off to bed shortly so catch you in the morning.


Goodnight all

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