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The day started off dull so just did food shopping and a bit HW. Weather forecast was for sun this afternoon so thought may as well do some washing.


The sun did get out so  Sophie and I  went  out with DS and DS2 to their allotment. It was really hot as they sun did come out.   The lads did the hard work and me and Sophie just watered some plants. 


Sophie went home with her dad, DS2 is resting on his bed and me well I'm resting too - the old knee is playing up a bit.


Busy joining up squares so I might get to do the border later this evening.


Eliza sounds like you had a lovely time at Wool Fest.


Linda hope the sun is shining in Norfolk for you


Su2ie 3 paragraphs are better than none.


K&F nice to see you back. Hope you are feeling better soon


Tracey definitely a lovely surprise finding yarn you had forgot about.


Suppose I'll have another half hour then will have to make some tea.


Have a lovely evening ladies

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Evening folks


Exhausting day yesterday, went wedding outfit shopping for my

Outfit, I had my friend and daughter with me tried on 13 dresses in 3different venues, but no joy

Today we set off again with my friend and elder daughter , tried on 8 outfits at 4 different venues but no joy

I know I have ages yet and it's just as well considering the trouble ,no one likes what I like


Moan over how is everyone


We are just home back sore hips sore, evening meal almost ready, it's wine time


Will catch up tomorrow

Edited by crafty nannie

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Liz I'm sure you will find an outfit eventually  :)


Knee still playing up - not used to standing around for so long withoiut the chance to sit down.


Off to bed so goodnight all

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