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Hello crafters


Going for my hair cutting this morning then I hope to sew.. yesterday we had a strange day it was soooo cold we put heating on then at about 6.00 sun came out and it got warm.. I wandered into garden and sat awhile.


I made another string of poms..so now I have one up in art gallery and one to go in the hundreds that will be tumbling from church tower..


Sewing I am making a jacket to wear for wedding. .it's a strange design as I used up fabric I had but it matches dress.


Knitting.. another Eliza design. .crofters with stripes horizontal on back and sleeves and vertical on fronts.


Embroidery design still in planning although I have decided to colour wash the fabric with silk paints.


Crochet..some small pendants which were going to be bunting but think may join them into a mat or cushion.


No photos as yet as nothing at a stage that makes sense in a picture. .maybe over the weekend things may evolve a bit.


Have a good day ..with crafty time.

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Morning :)


Oh my goodness Eliza!  You certainly have many projects on the go :P Enjoy!


I tried to get on here yesterday but kept getting interrupted so gave up in the end.  I coloured my hair yesterday morning so no more grey for a few weeks at least.


Craft wise just waiting on some glass stamens to arrive before I can put my bouquet together.


We were supposed to be going to the beach again today as I booked a day off work but DF is feeling unwell due to his medication so it looks like the trip is off.  Such a lovely day for it too and the weather is supposed to be going dull after today...


Anyhow I suppose I'd better think about taking a shower and getting dressed.  I'm expecting a signed for delivery this morning and I'm sure I don't need to subject the postie to me in my PJ's again :blink: :lol:


Have a crafty day folks x

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Hello all another dreary day weather wise hope it gets better later like they said it will. All four windmills are doing there job in the cherry tree, the cherries are plumping up nicely.


I thought you might like to see this Pom Pom pics,Eliza lovely things made with Pom poms. Aren't they great.


Su2ie hope you get your stamens today, and DF feels better. Your weather is so much better than ours but they say that Saturday when we travel to Norfolk it will be sunny . I am still knitting whilst watching tennis and the body wrap scarfe is growing Andy plays today in the semi finals so let's hope he gets in to the finals on Sunday.

Well must pack my bags and do a bit of tidying talk later.




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Afternoon its another dull day  :( Had to put heating on as Sophie still not 100% but getting there  :) she's gone home now for dinner and a nap. Will see her later.


Bit hooky I think as I only need 8 squares then comes all the sewing up  :(


Eliza so many things on the go - looking forward to seeing pics when you are a bit further one.


Su2ie what a shame your day out is cancelled - hope DF gets better soon and they sort out his meds.


Linda love that cute little hedgehog. Good to hear bird problem was resolved and you have lots of cherries. I love Norfolk but only been about 3 times - my paternal family going back to 1800's (thats as far as I have traced)  are from Great Yarmouth and surrounding places


Well whatever you do hope you all have a lovely day


Take care

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Afternoon. 😀

Eliza - You have loads on the go to keep you busy.


Su2ie - Shame your seaside day had to be cancelled. Wishing DF a speedy recovery.


Linda - The hedgehog is great. So cute.


Denise - Hope Sophie feels well soon.


Have a lovely afternoon/evening everyone. x

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