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Lisa it is nice you can do these last few things to help your mum... I usually get my best ideas during the night or early morning, maybe before my head is full of the day.


Liz I did silk flowers for weddings of my offspring. .I still have some in my bedroom and my daughter 17 years later has her bouquet on her bedroom wall.


Falling asleep..so night

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Liz purple is my favourite colour so well done Ruth - good taste  :) Didn't do any gardening today but Sophie played football - well her version of it - with DS2


Tracey I can confirm they have been filming another series of Vera. Will let you know if I hear when its on


Lisa not my cup of tea but if the box gives comfort to your mam then she will love what you have done. Its lovely.


Bedtime for me now - need to build up my strength as sunday morning is de-creasing day


Goodnight ladies

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