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Took a photo of my embroidery but I'd done all natural creams. .nothing showed. . Maybe when it's finished..don't think camera on phone good enough...I sent pic to my friend aa thought my eyes had gone iff..nearly phoned Dr Sophie..my friend.rang me why have you sent a pic of plain fabric.


I used to have all kind of things in our conservatory no.where for them now so ive just trimmed up garden..looks.quirky..should have more.somewhere. .shabby chic gardem...thought better out there than in loft.


Got to say bye for now.

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You had me worried there Denise I really thought you were ill with all those ailments. Good job you have Dr. Sophie.

Still doing my cable brim cap. Rather enjoying the pattern. I am cooking a vegtable omelette and beans I better go and see to it.

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You had me worried at first Denise till I read on

She is brilliant that Dr Sophie


I didn't manage back yesterday as site just would not let me on, I felt isolated.


I did manage to Hoover /dust yesterday and a quick tidy

Today hubby washed all my floors for me, so more laundry to do but the decreasing can wait . I am back to normal health now, thanks to all who asked after me, it was just a cold and allergies earlier in the week


Lovely idea with the memory pillow Lisa, the embroidery is good, lovely verse,


Have you got your wedding outfit yet Linda I think you are going with a cobalt blue as I saw your fascinator, what style do you prefer


Suzy early bird, do you go to bed real early? I am like Linda I enjoy a nap usually late afternoon, I don't know how you are so sprightly


I am away to collect niamh at 3pm then she is off to brownie camp at 6 for the weekend, home Sunday night I wonder what she will make of it


Eliza full of ideas as usual, what a disaster with printer

I have stamped on fabric but never tried the printer

I have enough trouble changing the ink cartridges


Hope everyone fine bbl

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Sorry if I worried anyone about my health issues. Her doctors kit is her latest toy and she plays with it all the time at home checking her dolls and teddies.  It was just so funny when she came this morning and checked her granddad over then me.


Good news is we both have a clean bill of health  :lol:


I'm trying to get some wip's finished so I can start on one of the lovely blankets I want to make - recently bought the patterns.


The sun has been lovely this afternoon so hope it continues over the week-end


Liz pleased to hear you are better now


Its our usual friday tea - panga fish new potatoes and chopped tomatoes - so better go and wrap fish in foil with salt and lime juice so it can marinate a bit.


Enjoy your evening

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Hello again, It's weird weather here,warm, heady but dull. I have had an interesting few hours with Leah after picking her up from preschool. It's nice that I can have a reasonable conversation with her now, some bits are still gobledegooch but in the main I know what she says. The only thing now is we have to watch what we say as the piggy who has big ears misses nothing and repeats what you say.


Eliza I often find pale colours do not show on photos unless you use a camera that has a filter on it.


Linda have you tried old cd"s or DVDs as a deterrent to the birds? We had a cherry tree on the allotment and that was the only thing that stopped the birds. Pity I don't live nearer to you I have spring water bottles all the time that you could have used? I hope the cable hat os going well and yummy yummy to an omelette.


Tracey enjoy your day, is Jay off as well?


Denise please, please don't give me shocks, I seriously thought you were ill! Leah goes to preschool four mornings a week from 9-12.30 and then ballet for an hour and a half on Saturday. Inspired by Sophie understanding two languages I have started to teach her French and then a friend will take over who teaches it. After your experience with doctor Sophie a nurse/doctor set is off Leah's present list from me lol. Btw I wish I did get the rest of the day to me, unfortunately or fortunately family especially M & C still take up part of my daily routine. This is the ploughman I am cross stitching and another I did of a fishing shack.


Liz I the CB site very slow at times and it has been signing me out or coming up without the forum. I hope Niamh enjoys her brownie camp and has a good experience from it. I don't go to bed very early and would sleep less if I did, I think it goes back to when I was at uni and working nights at my parents friends night club and then fostering tiny babies when I was up with just a few hours sleep


My roses are In ful bloom now, with hundreds of flowers out.







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Liz I have my broderie angel anglaise top and long skirt and fascinator plus a colbolt blue bra. Elizabeth is researching a flowing jacket for me in another colour need shoes as well. What colour are you in have you decided. Favours are 40 terracotta pots of lavender with small flags of Jade and matts name with date. Over 40 small bottles of home made sloe gin. Plastic wild animals all sprayed copper as place name holders. I am thinking of making with our crop of strawberries this year small jars of strawberry and champagne jam.

If you look on Pinterest you will find loads of wedding favour ideas.


Suzy I have tried cd,s but not much luck with keeping the birds away. The windmills I make are made with the big litre bottles of coke a cola very light plastic not too stiff. When I have made it I'll post a pic the children would love to make and colour them I have achohol pens that go on plastic.


Your roses are a treat all along the fence beautiful.


Denise are you making your blanket with them balls of yarn from the lets get crafting mag. I have all those balls collected in a bag ready in future to do something special with them, some lovely colours.

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