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Morning all


just on computer trying to print words to fabric so I can embroider them, using freezer paper to stiffen fabric ?  we will see.  it is to do the lid of the wedding day memory box, computer is on a go slow, must be about 12 years old so I guess in techno years she is an old lady.


think it is a dryer day so going to put washing machine on next job, then not sure, I have no craft room, or no sewing machine in it, table still there but we will move that tomorrow and put sofa bed up, i was a bit disappointed with my tidy up as I didn't find anything I'd forgotten about, maybe its not that long since I last tided or hopefully my memory is improving, who knows?


How's the cold Liz?  


Going to print on fabric now it all seems ready.


have a good day all with crafty time hopefully?


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Well that was fun   -  not.   it all jammed in the printer, :o plan 2 now printer is restored :rolleyes:  I will print to plain paper and trace the wording, best laid plans .. I printed to fabric a few weeks ago and that was okay.  :lol:  


keep crafting  :huh:

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Morning Everyone. 😀

Eliza - Good luck with your printing. You really are an inspiration with all the fab ideas you have for your crafting. 😀

It's work for me later, so am not doing much this morning, apart from some washing, and have cleaned the bathroom. Think it's time for a cuppa and some knitting. 😊

Have a lovely day all. x

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Had a lovely morning in the garden with Sophie. DH was tidying garden and Sophie helped putting weeds etc in a box.  She picked some daffodils (on their last legs) some daises, some bluebells and I picked some Coral Bells.  She said they were sad because they wanted some water so I got a glass and now have a nice display on my garden table.


She's gone home for dinner then off to nursery.


I need to do a bit tidy up, wash brekkie dishes have some lunch then a bit cross stitch while the daylight is here - help the old eyes to see.


Eliza hope you manage to get pattern onto your material ready to embroider. Maybe printer is  just being temperamental - a bit like us really  :lol:


Tracey enjoy your knitting before you go to work and may work pass quickly.


Have a lovely day ladies


Take care

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Well it's dull here rain forecast later

It's a catch up day for me, with parcel returns to do and emails needing replies not to mention HW, I must Hoover and dust at least


I hope you get that embroidery sorted Eliza, you are great for sharing ideas, I am still working on my wedding embroidery panel


Great to hear Sophie is helping grandad denise and getting fresh air at the same time, hope you get some good light for your cross stitch


Tracey it's Friday tomorrow I bet you are glad some time for yourself, enjoy your knitting


I must get on as we have to take niamh dancing today so it's 3pm pick up from school, and I have so much to do I should not be sitting here


Have a good day hope to catch up with all who follow later

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Hello it's patchy sunshine here with a heavy air, we need a storm to clear it. It was work this morning and after some lunch I am going to have a go at the any blanket I'm knitting. It is 64 patterned squares from a pattern i haven't used before, the first thing was to have the pattern enlarged as I couldn't see the tiny print.


Denise I have a couple of cross stitch projects on the go and I recon they make the holes smaller not me that needs stronger glasses. Thanks for looking into deleting photos for me. Leah likes watering the plants but she isn't interested in helping beyond that, something always distracts her.


Are you any better Liz? If you just want to sit then do so the dusting will still be there tomorrow.


I hope work goes quickly Tracey. I did think what were you doing working on a Friday and then remembered it is only Thursday silly me.


Eliza I haven't tried printing onto fabric but would like to try it so I can put little messages on quilt panels.


The cooker time has gone off for my lunch, only a jacket potato with cheese and tuna. Have a good day x

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