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Misty Monday

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Thanks for peg bag idea..but done that..a couple of years ago my nieces all got peg bags with wine in..


Liz good the dress is picked..hope as much success with flower girl.


Sewing Bee tonight. . Hope I can stay awake as I'm nodding already


Be crafty

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Hello again,it has been so muggy all day and I've arrived home with a headache to match it. My dinner is warming through, remainder of trout, asparagus, jersey royals and a fresh hollandaise sauce plus a few English strawberries and raspberries.


Denise it's when you find yourself walking around the supermarket singing "the wheels on the bus go round and round' or head, shoulders, knees and toes', the men in the whit coats arrive later lol. I love rhodos and azaleas, we have a park where they grow all around the parimitar, such beautiful colours. I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs patterns/charts enlarging, my problem is seeing them late at night.


Eliza thanks for the reminder about the sewing bee,I will record it as I watch Marcella at 9pm. Less is more with your beautiful embroidery, sometimes it can look overloaded.


Liz I'm a morning person and very rarely sleep beyond 4am, my body clock seems to have stuck since the children were small and I fostered babies still working almost fulltime. Phew that Ruth found a dress in the first shop, I imagined you traipsing from shop to shop.


Linda like the kumquat tree, I have a little orange tree and the fruit is a little larger than my thumb nail and never tried eating them. You know cleaning should only come before crafting in the dictionary so quilting before anything else.


Thank you for the lovely comments about my doll and roses and have a good evening xx

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The sun actually came out for a short while so I sat in garden reading the paper.  On the radio the long range weather forecast is that we are heading towards a 33C summer  :o  so remember slip slap slop - slip into a tee shirt slap on a hat and slop on some sunscreen  :lol:


The sun went in so I went indoors as it became a bit nippy. Thought I'll do the cross stitch. Well opened it up the 30 sts I had done was actually nearer 100 and I had to undo everyone of them  :(


The two kits bought together same designer and company etc so silly me thought colours of embroidery threads would match.


Main character Winnie the Pooh. I had some "gold" threads off 1st kit so used that to start second only to find its a different colour arrrggghhh.

Should have checked really before I started. Have now wound some new colours ready to start.


These kits have been in the cupboard for a few years and unsure how long until I discovered one had a date on it 1999 - last century  :o


Liz bet you and Ruth are over the morn that the dress is sorted so quickly - fingers crossed the dress for Niamh will be ideal too.


Eliza tea cosy or  table runner and coasters perhaps some lavender bags for hanging in wardrobe or putting in drawers with clothes?


Right better go and check in fridge and freezer - its a whatever tea tonight  :)  then definitely cross stitch and some tv to include Corrie and GBSB.


Enjoy your evening

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