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Evening ladies. What a glorious day it has been.


Thankfully I feel a bit better - thanks for your well wishes -  I had a good nights sleep and that seems to have done the trick. I think it has reached its peak so to speak and should be all downhill to getting rid of it altogether.


Its been so lovely, and still is, we had dinner outside. Mind you I did need to wash the tables and chairs down, they had been covered over the winter but weren't too bad. And of course would not have managed it without the help of a certain little lady.


Sophie made a cake yesterday afternoon so today she made some drizzly icing to make wriggly worms on top then sprinkled it with chocolate vermicelli, hundreds and thousands and some edible butterflies.


My tv was on its last legs so we bought a new one on monday. Sadly our tv stand was too small but DS had given a bigger one to my sister so we did a swap - new tv is brilliant.


Everyone gone home now so going to put my feet up and do some hooky.


Enjoy your evening

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Hope all of you that are under the weather, are feeling lots better today. 😊

I must say I've had a brilliant weekend. My daughter Sarah got married yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, hot and sunny. It was so lovely. She arranged everything herself with the help of Nathan (her husband) Chloe looked gorgeous as a bridesmaid, waving her wand of flowers and ribbons around. 😄 Chloe then came home with us for a sleepover last night. ðŸ˜

Anyway.....now it's back to normal. Just going to do some more knitting now, and think I might have a glass of white wine and sit in the garden. 😀

Have a lovely evening everyone. x 😄

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Hello. :) I've been struggling with health so not had the energy to come on. Hope everyone is well. I've just finished floaty cardy and wanted to show you - pic hopefully attached. If I'm well enough I'll wear it to a friend's wedding next weekend.


Have a good evening all. I think of you all often. :)


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Wonderful news Tracey, you kept that quiet,congratulations to the newly weds


K&F, great job with floaty cardigan, hope you make your friends wedding, (((hugs))) you have been poorly a while now

I am sure you know your illness better than anyone


Denise glad you got beautiful weather, I have heard inland from us it was hot, we had sea mist it was about 14degrees they say, but dull and damp


I managed to get the sewing machine out today and made 12 quilt blocks up ,hope to quilt them later tomorrow


Hope you are all on the mend

Keep crafting its therapeutic

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K&F that looks so fine and delicate  no wonder you call it a floaty cardigan. Hope you are well enough to make the wedding


Bed time so goodnight all

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