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Morning All. 😄

Just a quick hello from me, as I don't usually get too much time before work thought I'd start early. 😄

Wishing you all a lovely relaxing day. With lots of lovely crafting. 😀

Take Care everyone. x

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Good morning Tracy, and all, have a good day Tracy and enjoy your evening when you get home. We have sunshine and I was out in the orchard at 6.30 getting rid of a pigeon on our cherry tree, windmill no good. It's too tall for netting don't know what to do to protect it.


Anyway I will be crafting to day as usual don't know what but there is plenty to get in to, as well as craft cupboard sorting out. See what postie brings too.


By the way love the boy material Liz, how are you doing with that, and Lisa are you practising your pyrography.?


Going to make breakfast now talk later.

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Morning crafters


sunny here, I already have washing machine going although I'm not showered and dressed yet.


I was a bit "off" yesterday think it may have been the disturbed night when my aunt fell, I often don't sleep well but that was different as I was in a deep sleep, then I hurt my shoulder reaching for the phone, my daughter gave me such a telling off yesterday for saying I was going to visit my aunt later yesterday, she was right, when my aunt was my age she was so busy enjoying herself she had no time for us, so daughter and hubby said I can visit Thursday morning and not before, we go away Friday, role reversal, she pointed out if I'm not well it impacts on them, I was sat there feeling silly.


who showed me pics of weaving in hoops ? Thanks I'm doing one, not as much weaving as weave and embroidery is the way I'm doing it, I always do my own thing, enjoying doing it, I used both parts of the hoop as like the way that looked, , using various yarns and threads, post-483411-0-05279100-1462255525_thumb.jpg

next time I may weave more but on this I'm struggling with arthritis in right hand, so work with what I have.


post-483411-0-47148000-1462255768_thumb.jpg this is a close up of embroidery on printed fabric, don't think it's showing too well, I was also going to show you mini leather book/brooch and necklace I made but they are upstairs and I'm down so another time.


thanks for hoop inspiration, I'll post another pic when it's finished.


have a good day

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Morning all early start for me.


I'm off to doctors later for blood test and blood pressure. Other than that its the usual HW play with Sophie ( her mam is going to visit a friend ) and some hooky.


My squares are all joined now and I've started doing edging.


Tracey hope your day passes quickly so you can get home to knit. How is Jay's mam doing?


Linda might be a bit difficult but if you could hang some old cd's in the tree it keeps the birds away.  The wind blows them and as they move the sun reflects off them too.


Eliza hoop looking good.  Maybe once you do a bit embroidery it will stand out more


Hope you have sunshine like we have here.


Have a good day


Take care

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ELISA it was me (Linda) gave the idea. You are brilliant I love your tree scene combining both is a good idea. You put me to shame as all I do is think of ideas and never get down to putting them in to practise and finishing them. Now I have all the bits except for the t shirt yarn , which should come soon I was going to weave in a hoolahoop my grand daughter wast thowing away. Now I have to start one after seeing yours I have saved your picture to inspire me.


Will put some cd,s up in the tree Denise with some big hanging Christmas bells to make a noise maybe it needs some chimes up there too, to make more noise. Thanks for the idea on that problem.


Going to sort the bells out and cd,s. bBL.

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Morning ladies has a fabulous day yesterday it's took me 11 weeks but finally got my first stone off award at slimming word I was so chuffed it's been slow 11 weeks but hopefully will stay off.yes Linda I am still practising on a scrap bit of wood .yesterday I did some decoupage on a candle by using a hair dryer to heat the wax which drys over it to seal it ,first one I did I used my fingers to smooth it out that misshaped the candle a little so second one I used a soft paintbrush it came out much better.i very excited my embroidery machine is being delivered to my daughters between 12 and 2 so I have brought some plain white baby grows for my nephews baby going to hopefully put baby's name on them.i hope you all have a fabulous day crafting look forward to seeing your projects.lisaxx



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