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Evening Everyone. 😀

Just trying to get back into the routine, after travelling, takes me a few days. 😊

Eliza - The Pom Pom idea sounds great. Hope we get to see pictures in June. 😃

Liz - Have a lovely tea out this evening. 😄 That was a nice surprise. And yes my MIL is in a nursing home now. She's doing so well now she's eating properly and taking her medication regularly. She was feeling really unwell a couple of weeks ago though, so we wanted to go and see her. Hence the unexpected.....but very enjoyable trip. Thank you so much for your concern Liz. 😊

Haven't done much today apart from washing. Did some knitting but still feeling tired. Am going to have a catch up with everyone on here now.....with a glass of wine. ðŸ·

Have a lovely evening all. x

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Nice to see you back Tracey. . Some trip.for a visit you have to make, can understand you are tired..nice your MiL is comfortable in her new home.. my.aunt went into a home after a stroke..I felt so much better knowing she was safe at last.


Have a good evening all

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Evening ladies.


Got all my de-creasing done this morning while DH was making veg and lentil soup (for dinner mon tues wed) and preparing sunday roast.


Got a bit hooky done before family came well everyone except DIL she was out with a friend - only chance to catch up.


All quiet now they have gone home. Just sorting out my hooky patterns for teddies for the charity I follow. Once I finish cradles  I can do a few - no huryy as its an early start for christmas.


Eliza pom pom idea sounds lovely so hopefully there will be enough made. As Liz says don't forget pics


Liz whats money for if its not for spending  ;)  :P


Tracey its a long journey so will take you a while to catch up - are you back to work tomorrow?


Have a soothing evening everyone



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