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An early morning hello from me or to be honest a late good evening

Just read all your posts


Loving the shabby chic box Lisa I attempted a small ottoman a couple of years ago but made a mess, the napkins tore and wrinkled, I keep meaning to have another attempt at it


Linda enjoy your spinning how are you getting the spinning wheel home?

Let us hear about your buys hope you find bargins, hope it's dryer for you today


Bluebell nice to hear about your dogs, I have 2 labradoodles, one is 12year old the other 5yr old I love them to bits, one of my daughter's has a labradoodle too, they are a fantastic breed


Not seen Tracey posting this week hope things are ok with her

Also missing Tina and Sarah


Eliza that is a good idea having patchwork as arm covers , I really liked the bag you posted the other day with ribbon embroidery


Denise, it's chilly here again too cold to eat in the garden hope it was warmer with you and Sophie


Hope Suzy is enjoying her holiday it's nice to get a change


Su2ie poor you and the girls I remember when my eldest daughter started school (many years ago,) she is 51now . Anyway she got unwelcome visitors in her long hair , we didn't get the fancy remedies in those days and my mother came and washed her hair with paraffin, it was awful as we had to leave it on for days adding more paraffin daily


I am getting on with my newest lap quilt and enjoying it , that's the reason I am up so late and also why I didn't post earlier, I am off to bed now as eyes tired but brain still buzzing, hope I sleep

Will catch you all tomorrow, or should I say later today

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Morning all,


You sound really engrossed in your quilts Liz, I could never keep crafting until that time. .I'm a morning person come tea time I'm wilting, I sometimes manage a bit of knitting or handsewing early eve but not much.


I finished the arm covers, they look okay although one is longer not sure how I managed that. . I put my hexy quilt away yesterday as sore fingers again I'm not sure why that's happening as I've always done lots of handsewing and been okay before, only thing I have noticed is my nails are weak and wearing down so wonder if they are not protecting fingers, not as much annoying as puzzled.


Not sure if I should try and sleep more or get up as I'm achy laid here.


I was reading about the lady and the spinners only craft group. .she is letting crafters down with that attitude, crafty people are usually so friendly. .a big crafty family.


I called in our craft/cafe yesterday. .I heard them before I got to the door. .still not sure what the laughter was about..for the community weekend pom poms are being made, we are having a cascade pom pom installation, depending how many we get as to where it will be.. I still have to make some. .there are lessons and a group making session on this morning in the church hall along with the farmers market in the car park and a craft fair in the hall.


Have a crafty day

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Morning :)


Liz you must have good lighting in your place to be sewing so late!!  Paraffin sounds dangerous :o The bugs have become immune to the treatments these days so its good old fashioned combing through twice a day every day to get rid of the blighters.  I've got neem oil too which is a bit unconventional and smelly but really helps kill the blighters B)


Eliza sounds like your nails may be adding to the finger soreness with your hand sewing.  It sounds like you have a very friendly craft group near you :)


It's a lovely sunny day here so I've got the washing on.  No hanging out for me but it will dry well in front of the lounge window with the sun on it.  Did some more to my wrap last night as I couldn't concentrate on my editing.  Think the girls are having a crafty weekend as DF bought them a little friendship bracelet kit each.  Obviously I'll have to give them a hand ;)


Right best go as Alex wants a hand with her homework.


Speak later - have a crafty day!

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Good morning, you certainly were busy with the quilt Liz. Your dogs sound lovely. DH had a labradoodle when he lived at home & apparently she was a real character.  Yes Eliza that is the most unfriendly person I've ever met who is a member of a craft club. I went on bit too about it really but it made my blood boil at the time & still irks me when I think about it, not all that often as you gather ha ha.. I was expecting a friendly voice to give me details & say to go along if I could get there. Not be spoke to in that manner. Anway 'nuf said. Sunny day but colder, turn the heating down overnight & when I got up this morning quite a chilly in the lounge before I turned it up a bit. We are going out to nearby big town, well for up here it is big, they have a nice undercover shopping mall. Small but with shops we like. Going to look for a flat shaped torch with tiny bulbs in it. Not sure if they are LED type. One of the ladies in the X stitch forum I belong to said her husband bought her one & it's good for when you are stitching with dark fabric. Put torch on your lap & it lights up underneath so you can see the holes. Only £5. so worth getting. Get few odds & ends of food. On way home we stop off at the park there. A big park with lots of trees &I love  to hear the birds singing. So many small woodland birds there. Once we even saw a tree creeper on the trees near the car park last autumn.. First time in 12 years we've been going there. Enjoy today & keep safe. Bye 4 now Bleubell

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Morning Everyone. 😄

Hope everyone's well. 😃 Am going to have a lovely catch up on here today.

Sorry not been around for a couple of weeks, had to whizz off at short notice to see Iris (Jay's Mum) She's not been too well lately and we felt we needed to go and see her. Such a shame she is so far away though.....We don't get to see her anywhere near as much as we would love too. She's fine now, and feeling tons happier since we visited. 😊

Arrived home this morning at 8. Have unpacked, just had a cuppa and it will be off to bed soon for us. We couldn't sleep at all on the flight, just couldn't get comfy.

After a snooze I will be back to my knitting. ðŸ˜

Have a lovely Saturday everyone. x

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Afternoon ladies hope you are all having a crafty day.i have really got into the decoupage I also have had alook at the pyrography Linda and I am going to order a set on Tuesday and give it ago.i also thought I could use some of my drawing s to decoupage with rather then just leave them in my drawing book.done a vintage looking box today using a decoupage sheet this time.xlisa



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