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Morning everyone


Went on c&c Denise and bought a patchwork ruler but offer must be limited as I only got my 10% membership discount I tried entering your code but no luck


Eliza we need your input first every day so don't stop, I look forward to it, great to hear your thoughts, hope bathroom fairy flyover happens soon , there you go an idea for another fairy


Su2ie keep going on your editing, and as Linda says think of the rewards, pace yourself with treats


Talking of treats my new coffee machine is brilliant I am in latte heaven, great birthday present

Had son and family yesterday and It was good to catch up

Then son in law and Ruth took us out for supper so a great day, got home 9pm so no quilt pics to post I will do it today

Maybe later as I need to collect a prescription and saw a short sleeve jumper in t**co that I fancy, hubby says go now or stay home , he is the driver unfortunately


Denise yes I agree save the forum it has been quiet lately

Do your best lol


Linda thanks for reminder on quilt programme, how is the wedding quilt doing, when do you go to your daughters


I must get off here hubby will be shouting again , have a good day

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I'm back again, which means I'm not getting much done HW wise lol.


Ellie found one of the Amineko cats I made a few years ago in a box looking for something else.  Anyone remember when quite a few of us were making them?


Linda & Goose we should start a Little Red Riding Hood doll trend ;)

Linda sounds like you're having great fun with the snooker whilst plowing through the bunting!


Liz good to hear you're enjoying your lattes.  I couldn't be without my coffee machine :wub:  And I will have to think of plenty of editing rewards for myself.  Suggestions welcome!


And I'm off again.  Really need to do some HW before work.

Be full of craftiness!

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Sorry code didn't work for you. I think they must have had so many people using it that they have now cancelled it.  :(


Buns all made and Sophie gone home with her dad then its off to nursery.


Going to do a bit hooky and have a cuppa until DH comes back from his swi. Then we'll have some homemade soup for dinner.


The sun is shining and streaming through my window. Its amazingly its quite warm.


May your afternoon continue to be a good one.

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I hsve just received a tutorial from pattern company so sewing machine here I come.


Been out bought comfy sandals foe wedding. .not elegant wedding shoes but not baf..a small wedge heel and a bit of gold on..to brighten the black. .fabric for dress has a bit of.black and pink roses so looking for plain pink to make a short jacket. .I'm so into sewing again..inspite of the workhouse dress.


Nice to hear about what everyone is doing. .I should answer on computer instead of phone then I could open another window to remind me who said what. But! ! well I do enjoy reading all your posts and yes we can't lose this forum.


Be crafty

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I am back, didn't get jumper they think everyone is size 8

It was short sleeve and a fresh yellow colour, never mind


Treats su2ie, well my indulgence is chocolate , scented candles and fabric fat quarters, I am also into 100% cotton batting but I ration that as a bit more expensive for a little treat, up to £4-£5 can be absorbed


Denise I have wanted the quilt ruler for a while so no prob and I got free p&p because you prompted me to look today

So thank you


Dog just been out in garden and found terrible smelly patch so she indulged before hubby could stop her, in now covered in it he said she was on her back loving it, don't think a wet cloth will be enough think it's shower time


Catch you all later

Edited by crafty nannie

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I finally got the wedding quilt squares out and quilted three of them with the free motion quilting foot. As I had found my instruction book for the sewing machine it spurred me on , quite enjoyed the experience have to do the rest tomorrow as consentration has made my neck ache.


I have yet to do the 3lady panel in the middle but thought I would lay it out see what it looked like.

The man on the left will have a shepherds crook and the lady sitting down will have a dog in her lap.

Well cuppa tea time, may the craft be with you.




Edited by stakreem

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