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Morning all. A busy day here..change bed ..laundry on...need to do a tiny bit of cleaning..not a lot then visit the care home..supermarket shop..drop of bags at charity shop.. I usually take things to shop run by local hospice but parking is bad so it may be around the corner to the one run for the homeless. Both good local causes. I used to use the bags that get delivered as they get left on the garden path for collection but heard and then saw for myself an unmarked van collecting a while later saw the official collection van driving around..what is it coming to stealing from charity.


I paper patched so much yesterday my fingers are sore from pulling needle so may knit today after I've done all jobs. Not done well knitting though ...I don't think my collapsed disc ..sore shoulder and trapped nerves are happy with yarn just now.


I think I may try and sleep a bit more. .doubt I will but I do feel a bit dozy.


Have a good day.

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Good morning everyone, yesterday I missed out on a spinning wheel but have another being bid for finishes tonight at nine pm . So looking to get this one. Also yesterday we were informed by letter that we would have a power cut between 10 and 2 for over head line maintenance. so we went out to do food shopping and had lunch. We got back by one, and five minutes later the power came back on. So wasn't too inconvenient, my merino wool tops came so I can start spinning if not on new spinning wheel will try out old one that I have.


Eliza I hope you pace yourself today you sound very busy, I don't think I could be doing with papers and piecing it would take to long for me I have a low boredom thresh hold. My old lady pin cushion is at the stuffing of the head neck and body stage so just a few stitches and rows to close up the head to do then it's the arms and the dress and top to knit.


I really want it to finish as I have some very jumbo chunky chenille to crochet but holding off until old lady pin cushion is done this is really hard thing to do for me.


Just had breakfast so must get on have a crafty day all.

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Morning ladies, its dull miserable and trying to rain. Going to have a cuppa and do a bit hooky then test my blood sugars about 12.30.


Yesterday we had a full tin of paint not opened (a Peppa Pig Pink) and some of the deep red left over from sitting room. We decided to mix the two for the toilet walls and if it didn't work we could just re paint a different colour (the we in repaint is the royal we  ;) ).  It turned out a a deep strawberry reddy pink and we are getting used to it. 


Once we put a border round and curtains up I think it will be ok.


Eliza you amaze me with all your crafty energy.  As Linda says pace yourself you have come such a long way  :)


Linda shame about spinning wheel but hope you get the latest. Is there not an option to buy now?


Have a super day whatever you all do


Take care

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Yes there is an option on some of them Denise but they are around a £150 to buy now., my one I am going for has some repair to do on it. My antique one from the dealer in Margate was only £45. I can imagine what your toilet looks like or should I say cloak room put yellow dots all over it and you will have a reminder of lovely strawberries . Our strawberries are starting to grow from the crowns and John has all his seeds coming up in the conservatory.


I am doing the arms on my old lady pin cushion. She is called Mrs Ouch as the pins are stuck in her backside when she is finished. I put a leg of lamb in the oven ready for Easter must go and see to it only half price in S.......ys .

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Afternoon crafty people, it's been rain here, but brighter now,

You have a lot on today Eliza ,don't overdo it, how do you keep going all day you are on the go so early in the morning


Denise is that strawberry paint instead of the peach, you have confused my vision of it all lol, I often mix paints


Linda good you are finishing your pin cushion first ,I often worry I won't go back to things if I lay them aside, I am still quilting but must do some baby knitting for my niece her first baby due in 6weeks, she has been trying for 8years


Have to take niamh to dancing later after school, so I will pick up some shopping whilst I wait for her


More sewing for me this evening I cut out a pile of fabric last night, enjoy your day ladies

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Having a rest now. .I'm okay if I do a bit rest a bit..hardest part was supermarket. .just washed kitchen floor..trapped myself in a corner..hubby usually does that task but he's outside putting gate on..he's made it from bits of leftover wood..painted it white looks nice and 6 ft tall.


I love paper piecing..I have 3 quilts and a few cushions. .seems to keep me calm.I'm struggling knitting just now..


Just heard my son and grandchildren are coming for the day on Wednesday. .my daughter and SiL will arrive in the afternoon as it's their half day. Save us some lunch mum..the children will want theirs at 12.00, so two sittings..trying to think what I can make that will be easy.


Also I'm inviting FIL on Monday. .was going to ask him Sunday but looks nice weather so not cooking if we can be in and out of garden.


Floor dried..I can move now.

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